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Website and Traffic Analytics

Imagine you have spent thousand of dollars creating a stunning website with great content. You have invested in top edge media. You have spent weeks or months with the developers, designed and copywriters. But, your average customer spends less than 2 minutes on the site, not even scrolling through your product gallery or leaving just before contacting you? Do you want to know why? Do you want to know how to fix it? 


Analyzing the behavior of your current and potential customers is the key to increased sales and expansions. 

Currently there are tons of software available for a tech friendly users or for not so tech friendly customers. You can find information on your audience, their location, age, devices they are coming from), you can see which keywords or links brought you to your site. You can analyse and even see live your users behaviour, find pattern. You can find out which pages or images they click the most on your site, you can even see their actions live. But knowing all this information does not necessarily mean you know how to use it to improve your site, optimize and ensure your users are acting the way you want them to act. Whether it will be purchasing an item, signing up for a course, registering for event or else. 

Our team can do both: analyse and implement. 


We provide you with extensive and detail analysis  of you web traffic using best industry software and knowledge. Most importantly we will implement changes needed to fix the issues.

Our team will be working in details to tailor your website to the behavioural needs of your customers. 

If you don’t have a website or your current one needs improvements we will take it off your shoulders. Our creative and tech team will provide the most cost effective and suitable solution for your business. We are not offering extensive and expensive sites for those who don’t need it. We apply business approach to this. We analyse your business target audience, their preferences, most effective sales or engaging channels and create the solution that works.

Interested in working together? Great!

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