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Social media management

The amount of scrolling we all do on social media is increasing every year. Thus the influence on your potential audience can be done with just that - appearing more than once in their news feed. Appearing in a right way.


When we previously used social media to connect with friends now we use it pretty mush for everything. Facebook is obvious - your news feed is not online a place to interact with your friends, like minded groups but to see (read: get interested in brands, and eventually buy) new and well known brands, attend events, participate in discussions. The purchasing behaviour of current market is different that is was before. Causes matter, branding matters, online reputation matters. It is no longer the matter of buying the product or service that matches your price and quality criteria. It’s often about the video you saw about companies environmental commitment that will get you interested in buying their product and thus to support the cause you believe it. 

However, it’s not only Facebook. LinkedIn and Pinterest are often left unnoticed but these are very good platforms for strategic development of your business. Planning a bathroom renovation, your kids 1st birthday party, summer dress styles  or else we keep scrolling through the boards, pinning the ideas. What we tend to forget that behind every pin (well almost every) there is a link to the product of service you want. Perfect canapés for a family get together? Here is link to catering company. 


LinkedIn on another was is a completely different platform. You are fully exposed to your competitors, potential and current partners, industry forums and news. Often left behind in social media management it is a brilliant tool for B2B as well as B2C. 

Many people think Social Media Management is easy and effortless. You just post things and you will get there. Well, not really. It’s like selling baby safety gear for those who don’t have kids. Strategic targeting, carefully selected content, engaged or passive audience and a few industry tricks can make your company look like a big brand on social media. Our creative team is creative, this says it all. And it works, it works really well.

Interested in working together? Great!

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